The Group

Travis L. Bowen, Esq.

Attorney - Admitted in Utah
President & CEO

Trav L. Bowen, Esq.

Attorney - Admitted in Utah
Chief Operating Officer

Brynn Bowen, Esq.

Attorney - Admitted in Utah
Washington, New York, & Pennsylvania

William D. Darden, Esq.

Attorney - Admitted in Utah
Estate Planning and Transaction Division

Anthony Michael Panek, Esq.

Attorney - Admitted in Utah

Tyler MacKay

Maintenance Department

Tyler Bowen, JD

Design Division

Shaleen Freeman

Director of Operations

Brian Berkelbach

Chief Compliance Officer - Wasatch Financial & Insurance

Rachelle Fisher

Senior Paralegal
Transaction Division

JoAnna Shiflett


Heather DeBusk


Michele Barton, CPA

Tax Director

Jordan Callister, CPA

Tax Manager

Angie Nicol

Staff Accountant

Jace Bowen

Marketing Director

Victoria Heaps

Executive Assistant

Ryker Bowen

Administrative Assistant


Strategic Partners

Kate Lamanna

President - Wasatch Financial & Insurance


Of Counsel

Hillary J. Morgan, Esq. Admitted in Utah & Idaho
Craig D. Olmstead, Esq. Admitted in Alabama and Florida
Scott D. Kumpf, Esq. Admitted in Colorado & California
Robert W. Boland, Esq. Admitted in Arizona, Colorado & Missouri
M. Kevin Voyles, Esq. Admitted in Wyoming
Zachary P. Takos, Esq. Admitted in Utah & Nevada
Michael Allongo, Esq. Admitted in New Jersey