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Bowen Law Professional Group is pleased to announce our focus on providing estate planning, asset protection and general legal business services in and around Nashville, TN.  We pride ourselves on providing a unique approach when it comes to business law.  Our team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds and knowledge to better serve companies with unique challenges and concerns.  Our goal is to create viable solutions that fit your business needs, mission statement and overall company philosophy.  Contact BLPG today to learn how we can help create a solid business plan, estate plan, and risk assessment as part of our overall Asset Protection System™.


Operating Your Asset Protection System

The overall objective of your Asset Protection System™ is to appropriately own and manage all of your assets and transactions in such a way as to provide protection of your assets against unintended creditors and claimants, while providing the platform to minimize income, employment, and estate taxes.  However, the effectiveness of your Asset Protection System™ is determined by how your manage it.  Although the implementation and operation of your Asset Protection System™ are a substantive part of the Education Meeting, it is never too early to become familiar with the concepts and principles essential to operating your Asset Protection System™.


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