Asset Protection Planning


Asset Protection Planning

You work hard to build wealth. The more successful you are at doing this, the greater the chances that others will try to take it from you. Insurance is only a partial solution to this problem. We will show you how to guard against unwarranted claims by setting up an Asset Protection System™.

Asset protection planning should be considered to be lifetime planning. A good asset protection plan will focus on the management and preservation of property during life and after death. With litigation, skyrocketing divorce rates, and the various taxes projected to escalate, asset protection planning is an essential component of wealth management.

Asset protection planning is particularly important for professional athletes, business owners, or those whose professions create the appearance of deep pockets.

Asset protection planning can help to protect personal assets from business and investment legal threats, professional and business liability, and regulatory liability. Asset protection planning may also be used to limit public or family knowledge of wealth, encourage family harmony, deter litigation, and deter criminal activity against a client’s family. Asset protection planning has also taken on increased significance in response to reductions in the protective capability of liability insurance.

“The world seems to always be swimming in the grey no matter how black and white we try to make it. The Asset Protection System smooths out the process of risk management by taking people through a very linear process to achieve comprehensive protection. This emphasis on helping people iron out all facets of their current situation and future goals makes the plan approachable; the maintenance aspect of the System covers clients now, and down the road, so when life inevitably becomes grey they have resources to stay on track making those new grey moments black and white again.” – Attorney, Travis Bowen

Unlike most asset protection planners or law firms, BLPG has developed a proprietary Asset Protection System™ to accomplish far more than asset protection. The Asset Protection System™ achieves multiple planning objectives, including:

  • Protection of Assets from Lawsuits
  • Reduction of Income and Employment Taxes
  • Reduction or Elimination of Gift and Estate Taxes
  • Retention of Control of Assets: Management Prerogative
  • Succession Plan: Business Exit and Retirement Strategies
  • Charitable Giving Flexibility
  • Avoidance of Probate
  • Integration of Insurance Coverages

BLPG comprehensively integrates your Asset Protection System™ with your specific planning needs, such as: Risk Analysis, Tax Planning, Insurance Planning, Business Services and Transactions, Estate Planning, Asset Transfer and Titling, and Succession Planning.

BLPG also provides solutions for maintaining and updating your Asset Protection System™ with our unparalleled Maintenance Program.


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