How Our Unique System Has Protected Our Clients

“We had been seeking an estate planning attorney for some time. When we found Travis Bowen, it was the first such attorney that Susan (wife) liked. That was major! What appeals to us about the way Travis practices estate planning law and provides asset protection services is that he has developed systems that resonate with the way we think. Each part is understandable and his pricing is progressive and modern. As active business people, entrepreneurs, and investors, the structure created by Travis Bowen gives us the process by which we coordinate and manage the ownership and control of our assets. It helps us stay organized in our approach to long-term management of our wealth-creating endeavors.”
Mr. John

“We had not thought much about asset protection until lately, but once we understood the critical nature of asset protection, ‘quick’ was not soon enough to get it in place and operational. The people at Law Offices of Travis Bowen, PC are absolute bulldogs in making sure the design and implementation of our Asset Protection Systemâ„¢ stayed on time for its completion.”
Dr. Michael

“It’s a good thing to know how to protect the things that we spend a lifetime building. We didn’t want to be a sitting duck in the litigious world we live in today, where people want to take what you have worked so hard to build. The Scorecard process told us we still had some yellow and red assets that we wanted to make green. The process showed us that a lot of things were at risk that we didn’t think were.”
Dr. Carrie

“I’m so glad you have put together my plan. I feel emotionally comforted knowing that my estate is set up correctly and that it gives me protection. We all know we need to put these measures into place, but we don’t know how and are not very good about putting all the details together. There is no question that I feel safer and more comfortable knowing our protection is set up, because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring.”
Dr. Robert


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