Insurance Assessment

Insurance Assessment

An important component of tax, asset protection, business, and estate planning is insurance coverage. This planning is built on the footings and foundation of insurance coverages.

Many people do not understand what their various insurance policies do and do not do. We do not take at face value assumptions that you are adequately covered with appropriate policies in each aspect of your insurance planning. Occasionally policies are placed which will not achieve your desired outcome. Further, in today’s fast paced global environment, coverage quickly becomes insufficient or outdated.

It is for this reasons that it is essential to have an Insurance Risk Assessment to identify gaps and overlaps in your insurance coverage. This analysis includes a) evaluation of coverage held; b) scope of coverage; c) exclusions; d) coverage amounts; and e) coverage requirements based upon risks and objectives. Only after such an in-depth assessment should policies be supplemented, placed, or replaced.


Because we design, build, and maintain a legal structure, it is critical to recognize that the structure is being constructed on top of the existing footings and foundation of your property & casualty and commercial insurances. It is mportant that we review those coverages to ensure they are solid, doing what they were intended to do: no gaps, ho holes, no overlaps.

  • Insurance Risk Assessment
  • Comprehensive Needs Evaluation of
  • Personal Life Insurance
  • Business Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Personal Property and Casualty
  • Business Property and Casualty
  • Umbrella Policies
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Supplemental Policies

Coordination with Agents to Ensure Adequate Coverage

On-going Coordination to Monitor and Update Coverage as Needed

When implementing an insurance plan, it should be integrated with your Asset Protection System™. An insurance plan requires on-going evaluation, monitoring, and updating to ensure that your coverage is current and continues to meet your needs and expectations. This is our comprehensive and integrated approach which achieves maximum protection against your risks.


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